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Jewellery is the art perfected by most women for it is not worn as an accessory but as an ensemble. India is one of the major producers of Fashion Imitation Jewellery in the world. The large market in India, labour resources, new and fashionable designs, enchanting raw material, competitive prices have made India an obvious choice for buyers to make an educated purchase of all kinds of fashion jewellery. Fashion Imitation jewellery is the most cost effective type of jewellery. 


Welcome to our world RAJGURU GROUP a well-established Group engaged in manufacturing and supply of Fashion Jewellery. RAJGURU has come a long way in a short span of time since 1996, in being one of the premier, it has built up its image which symbolizes commitment, quality and class. We have acquired a highly respectful position amongst Indian manufacturers and dealers of Imitation Jewelry. Our gamut of fashionable jewelry consists of Necklace set, Earrings, Tops, Hi Gold Polki, Pendant Tops, Finger rings, Broaches, Anklets, Bracelets, & Hair Ornaments etc. We offer a huge variety of jewelry and ornaments as per the changing fashion statements in today's time. Our focus remains on innovation and offer the consistent quality at a price which gives the best value for money and are constantly adapted to meet the need of the customers.

Our Cost competitiveness and superior quality has made our products popular and in demand in Local well as in Exports.


The group works in the name of RAJGURU and have expanded its roots to partner sister concerns-




Since the birth of “idias” jewelry- our inhouse brand, we have continuously impressed our clientele  with modern designs. Idias Jewelry collection offers and array of beautiful designs that is perfect for any outfit and for all occasions. Our speciality lies in Link Sets, Chain Sets, Pendant Tops and Earrings.